In Search of the Right Dog for Your Situation

By virtue of the fact that you are visiting our website and reviewing our position on acquiring a dog, it would seem a safe guess that you are at least interested in some type of purebred spaniel. It would also seem that some discriminatory sense is at work and you are seeking an above average quality animal.

What purpose you have in mind for acquiring a dog; as a prospect for exhibition, as a hunting companion, to be used in breeding activities, or for companionship to your household, and your past experience in these different facets of canine appreciation, will impact how readily you may find a dog which meets your expectations.

Without doubt, the finest, healthiest, most predictable canines originate from breeders who endeavor to produce dogs through a well thought out breeding plan. These breeders may have decades of experience in pursuing the preservation of the finest qualities of the breed, or they may be a recent entrant into this field, but closely associated with an experienced mentor in the breed from whom they may draw knowledge and advice.

Also without doubt in the United States, the top tier of dog breeders, and the canines they may be willing to place, are closely associated with the American Kennel Club. This is the mainstream registry, the only dog organization in the US which maintains credible studbook records for purebred dogs and can produce pedigrees recognized and accepted by all other canine organizations, whether domestic or from around the world.

The AKC is the ONLY US canine registry organization which conducts inspections of dog breeders to insure that their records kept and environment maintained for the dogs owned by a breeder are satisfactory and uphold the best of standards. Failing AKC scrutiny can cause breeder AKC privileges to be suspended or even terminated and registry status for dogs owned and/or bred to be cancelled and expunged.

If you find a dog breeder who cannot provide an AKC pedigree to accompany a dog to its new owners, then there are serious questions to be raised about the quality of the environment where the dogs are raised and whether the dogs are truly entitled to be called purebred. Some undesirable event in the history of such a breeder has probably led to severance from AKC privileges.

Understand, though, that the AKC is a "club of clubs". Clubs which maintain a standard for judging a particular breed of dog are the admitted members of the AKC. Individuals cannot directly be a member of the AKC. Individuals should become members of the clubs which constitute the membership of the AKC. For the English Cocker Spaniel, the AKC recognized breed parent club is the ENGLISH COCKER SPANIEL CLUB OF AMERICA.

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This group, often referred to as either "casual" or "backyard" breeders, probably accounts for the great majority of dogs bred in this country. Their breeding animals were almost certainly obtained from others like themselves, locally, without regard to concerns about inbreeding and health screening practices. They usually conduct their activities without even rudimentary knowledge of breed specific health concerns and how to evaluate for avoiding propagation of heritable defects.

Many of these breeders may, in fact, advertise AKC registered dogs. A most generous description would be "They mean well." Their objectives, by and large, are not to preserve the best qualities found in the breed, but to pickup a little extra cash to recoup what few expenses they incurred in buying a dog, paying a meager stud fee, and (they hope no exceptional) costs for maternal and neo-natal vet expenses.

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