The Flushing Spaniel in its natural element

NOTE!:Photos are copyright by the photographer, Janice Scherzer


(CH Here Comes Chestnuts Destiny ex CH Chestnuts Burnt Sienna, RN OA OAJ ECM WD ONYX)

On September 27, 2009, Langley qualified in the Flushing Spaniel test offered by GLACSHE (Great Lakes American Cocker Spaniel Hunting Enthusiasts) at the Bong Hunting Preserve in Wisconsin.

This was just prior to his 10th birthday. Langley represents the third generation of bench champion Chestnut English Cocker to earn a Working Certificate.

object of the hunt, a Chukar

Scenting the quarry

Flushing the bird

Retrieving the prize

Marking the fallen bird over water

Retrieving the bird from the water