CH Chrystalis Chestnut Cedar, CDX WD FDCh TDI

(CH Ebonwood Chrystalis Rewrite x Chrystalis Shoo Shoo Baby)

I done good, HUH?Cedar winning the brood Bitch class at the Heart of Michigan English Cocker Spaniel Club Specialty in 1997 under breeder/judge Eugene Phoa of Canada.

Cedars win was based upon the quality of her two sons standing behind her;
CH Chestnut Ebonwood Canadian (Cal) and
CH Chestnuts Red Jasper.

...and it's all MINE!!Cedar had a pretty good day that year at "the Heart".

She also was High Scoring Dog in Trial from the Open class in obedience and was selected for the "cut" in the Best of Breed class competition.

She is shown here with her trophies and ribbons for the day.

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