C H E S T N U T       K E N N E L

g r o o m i n g     a n d     b o a r d i n g
f o r     a l l     d o g    b r e e d s

Our HomeWe are located about 2 miles southwest of Springfield, Illinois (the capitol city) and about 2 miles northwest of Chatham, a village with a population of about 7000. One can stand at our front door and see the dome of the state capitol glisten in the afternoon sun.

We are in a rural area and own about 4 acres of ground. Our house is at the end of a lane about 850 feet from Curran road. The property is mostly open grassland, with a small grove of birch, maple, walnut, pine, spruce, and hemlock trees on the southwestern quadrant, near the house, garage and kennel buildings.

Our property is one of about a six such homesteads clustered along Curran road and located on the high ground between two streams. Wildlife; whitetail deer, ringneck pheasant, bobwhite quail and many species of songbirds, frequent our property to rest, nest, and feed, especially in the early morning between dawn and the start of the workday.

Our Gooming Shop and KennelWe have a dog boarding kennel and grooming shop which Sheri manages. We employ several groomers and kennel technicians.

The kennel, which is heated and air-conditioned, consists of 58 indoor/outdoor runs for client boarding.

We share our house with four generations of our home-bred English Cocker Spaniels, most with the Chestnut prefix. Our puppies are whelped and spend at least the first 12 weeks in the house with us and their relatives, before graduating to the Puppy Palace, with a 7500 sq. ft. exercise yard or taking up residence in new homes as companion, show, and/or performance dogs.

The backyard and agility practice areaThe alarm clock sounds shortly after 6:00 a.m. and the last chores are finished at about 10:30 p.m., so it seems that the dogs in the kennel often see more of us than those that sleep with us in our bed.

We also share the facilities with a small group of felines, many of which are polydactyl (extra-toes on the feet). One of them, Binky, is the unofficial mascot for the business. He makes the grand tour of the facilities each morning before retiring to a cabinet top to snooze the day away.